Bad Bull Muzzleloader Models


Bad Bull X-Series
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The Bad Bull X-Series is based on the famous Remington short action. This action is short and stiff, and produces extreme accuracy. The stock is a very stable laminated thumbhole version equipped with a 1" recoil pad. The trigger is adjusted to remove all creep and is adjusted to 2.5 lbs pull.

This unit also features the new Two Stage Patented Breech Plug System. You can remove the primer without firing the load. Another new feature is the bolt primer installing system. You do not need or use a primer installation tool. You simply open the bold, insert the primer, and close the bolt.

Price $6,250.00    
Bad Bull G-Series
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The G-Series is based on the very short Remington Bolt Action. It has a laminated classic design stock with 1” recoil pad. The barrel is a Shilen Stainless and is equipped with the Harrell’s Custom Muzzle Brake. The G Series has the accuracy of the X Series with the handling ability of the FB Series.
Price $6,250.00    
Bad Bull Power Ramrod
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Bad Bull now has an easier system for loading a bullet.  You do not need a bullet starter.  Simply use the Power Ramrod system for starting the bullet and seating it almost half way down the barrel.  Then use the long ramrod to fully seat the bullet down on the powder charge. 
Price $125.00
Bad Bull Customs
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Since all Bad Bull Muzzleloaders are custom built units, you have the option of building the unit to suit your particular taste and needs. We can provide custom options as you desire. Whether you desire a hunting grade laminate stock, or an exhibition grade exotic wood stock, we can handle your muzzleloading needs.
Price Negotiable    

Scopes not included in price

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Bad Bull Presentation Series - Commemorative Model
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This Muzzleloader is a reproduction of the 1st Bad Bull Muzzleloader ever built. It has a heavy barrel. The wood is presentation grade with an oil finish. The grip cap is highly engraved. This is a fully working model and has all the features and capabilities of any Bad Bull Muzzleloader. This is one of the rarest gifts for hunters and collectors. This unique gift is reminiscent of the type and style of guns used in the early settlement days of America.
Bad Bull Presentation Series - Custom Model
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We will also build a Presentation Series Bad Bull Muzzleloader to your specifications. Stocks may be created from exhibitor grade exotic wood, colorful laminates or high-grade synthetics. Stock styles can be traditional classic to ultra modern thumbholes. Your choice of action may be used. This custom presentation model is only limited by your imagination
Bad Bull Muzzleloader Specifications
  Caliber Barrel Length Overall Length Weight Order Code Price
X Series 45 28" 50" 9 lbs. 10 oz. BBX $6,250.00


45 26" 46 3/4" 7 lbs. 14oz. BBG $6,250.00