What caliber is the Bad Bull Muzzleloader?


The Bad Bull Muzzleloader is a 45 caliber. We chose the 45 caliber over the 50 caliber because we can obtain a higher velocity and a flatter trajectory. The Bad Bull Muzzleloader delivers over 6000 FPE of energy at the muzzle and retains 2500 FPE at 300 yards using our 275gr bullet. Another plus for the 45 caliber is that it has less recoil than a 50 caliber.


What bullet do you recommend?


We recommend the 275gr Parker/Bad Bull Ballistic Extreme. With this bullet, we are obtaining velocities of 3100 FPS from the X Series Bad Bull. Trajectory is very flat. Set 3" high at 100 yards, the bullet is still 3" high at 200 yards. It comes back to zero at 265 yards and is only 3" low at 300 yards. Also, accuracy has been very good. We have customers reporting 1.5" groups at 300 yards.


What type of Powder does the Bad Bull Muzzleloader use?


Our muzzleloader is designed to use modern smokeless powder. This eliminates the messy clean up associated with black powder. Black powder is also very corrosive and can damage muzzleloaders very quickly. Also, it is well proven that smokeless powder is ballistically superior to black powder. NOTE: NEVER use smokeless powder in any other muzzleloader. It could result in injury or death. The Bad Bull Muzzleloaders are designed for the higher pressure generated by smokeless powder.


What load is used in the Bad Bull?


The Bad Bull Muzzleloader uses IMR 4350 smokeless powder. The minimum load is 130gr. DO NOT drop below 130gr, or DO NOT exceed 140gr of IMR 4350. We recommend a 45 Wonder Wad on top of the powder charge with our 275gr bullet seated on the wad. A Large Rifle Magnum primer is used to ignite the charge. We use a Federal 215M Primer. This is the only Primer that performs properly in the Bad Bull Muzzleloader.



Can I experiment and use other smokeless powder?


Definitely NOT! Use only the recommended charge of IMR 4350 Powder. The muzzleloaders have been pressure tested using the powder charge. If you experiment with other powders, you run the risk of damaging or destroying the muzzleloader, in addition to the risk of injury or death. Use only the powder and charge recommended by Bad Bull Muzzleloaders.


Can I use pellets (black powder substitutes) in this muzzleloader?


Yes, black powder substitute pellets may be used. You may use 3 or 4 black powder pellets (50gr each) in the Bad Bull Muzzleloader. CAUTION: Do not exceed 4 pellets. That is the maximum load. Do not load 4 pellets in any other muzzleloader. The Bad Bull Muzzleloader is designed to withstand this pressure: others are not. Clean the muzzleloader as soon as possible after use.


Can I use black powder in the Bad Bull Muzzleloader?


No. The flash hole is not designed for the use of black powder or black powder granular substitutes.

What is a Mag Prime Ignition System?

The patented Mag Prime Ignition system consists of a small primer insertion tool that is used to press-fit a Large Rifle Magnum primer into a primer pocket in the breech plug. This allows for an enclosed system with no gasses escaping to the rear. With the use of the Large Rifle Magnum primer, we can ignite heavy loads of IMR 4350 powder to produce high velocities.


Is that a muzzle brake on the end of the barrel?


Yes. As far as we know, this is the first production muzzleloader to be equipped with a muzzle brake. With a 275gr bullet exiting at 3100 FPS, the muzzle brake helps the muzzleloader to be very pleasant to shoot.

Where is the ramrod?

The ramrod is a 2-piece unit carried in a pouch. We do not attach anything to the barrel that can affect accuracy. Our barrels are select barrels that are free floated for the greatest accuracy.


What actions are used to build the Bad Bull Muzzleloader?


We use Remington, Ruger #1 and Stevens 200 actions to build the Bad Bull Muzzleloader.


What stocks are available for the Bad Bull Muzzleloader?


On the FB Muzzleloader, we use a gray and black laminated wood stock and forearm. We use a laminated thumbhole stock on the Bad Bull X Muzzleloader. On the UTE and UTE/S, we use a gray synthetic stock. Other stock options such as McMillan Synthetic Stocks are available at additional cost.


Can I de-prime the gun without firing it?


With the 2-stage Mag-Prime System, you are able to remove the back section containing primer and replace it with the dummy plug. This is standard on the Bad Bull X, FB, and C Series. The UTE and UTE/S do not have the 2-Stage System. They use the same primer, but must be fired to remove the primer.


What is the UTE Model?


The UTE is our basic utility model. It has the same barrel, breech plug and muzzle brake. It is built on a less expensive action and is equipped with a basic gray synthetic stock. Velocity is the same, but it does not have the extreme accuracy of the X, C, and FB Series.


How do I clean the Bad Bull Muzzleloader?


With the smokeless, I only clean it once a year after the hunting seasons are over. I recommend lightly coating with an anti-seize compound (Permatex that works with Heat). Be sure Breech plugs are clean, seated all the way in are tightened snugly. Then, run a few dry patches through to remove any excess fluids. Clean and replace the breech plug. I recommend lightly coating with a good, Breech Plug Grease. Before loading, shoot one or two primers to be sure the bore is dry. 

If you use the black powder substitute pellets, you must clean as soon as possible after use. Clean in the same manner as the smokeless powder.

NOTE: If shooting a black powdr substitute, it is essential to coat the threads of the breech plug with anti-seize compound. If the plugs are not coated, they can become extremely hard to remove if using black powder substitute.


Does the Bad Bull Muzzleloader have to be shipped to an FFL Dealer?


There are two ways to get your Bad Bull. We can ship anywhere in the U.S. to an FFL Dealer and you may pick it up there. All we need is a fax copy of the FFL. The other method is to come to our location and fill out the ATF form 4473.

NOTE: We do have available one model (BBnoFFL) of Bad Bull Muzzleloaders that do not require FFL paperwork. We can ship directly to you.