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  • Remington Bolt Action
  • Shilen Select Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Harrell's Custom Muzzle Brake
  • Laminated Thumbhole Stock
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Pillar Bedded
  • Glass Bedded
  • Free Floated Barrel
  • 1" Decelerator Pad
  • Warne Rings/Weaver Grand Slam Bases
  • Mag-Prime 2 Stage Breech Plug

The Bad Bull X-Series Muzzleloader out-performs any muzzleloader available today. It shoots a Parker/Bad Bull 275 grain Ballistic Extreme bullet at 3100 FPS. This produces a trajectory that is extremely flat. If set 3" high at 100 yards, the
bullet will still be 3" high at 200 yards, zeroed at 265 yards, and only 3" low at 300 yards.

With this extreme velocity also comes incredible accuracy. With the 275 Parker/BB bullet and IMR 4350 powder, these muzzleloaders are capable of MOA groups well past 500 yards. We have many reports of "Bad Bulls" producing 1.5" group at 300 yards and numerous reports of 1/4" to 1/2" groups at 100 yards. Using the Parker/BB 275 Ballistic Extreme bullet, the Bad Bull X-Series produces over 6000 FPE at the muzzle. At 300 yards, it still retains an incredible 2500 FPE. I do not recommend extreme long range shooting of game animals unless you are willing to put in the practice time at the range. But, if you are willing to practice, the X- Series retains well above the recommended energy levels for taking game at extreme long ranges. At 400 yards, it has over 1800 FPE and at 500 yards, it retains almost 1300 FPE.

The X-Series is built on a Remington Short action. It is glass bedded and pillar bedded. The Barrel is a Shilen Select Stainless Steel tube and is free floated for greater accuracy. A Harrell's Custom Muzzle Brake is used to reduce recoil. We have tried several muzzle brakes and have found the Harrell's to be the most effective at reducing recoil. The stock is a gray and black laminated unit. This thumbhole stock is very comfortable to shoot from the bench and works great on the hunt. The trigger for the X-Series has all creep removed and is adjusted to 2.5 pounds. To further reduce the felt recoil, the X-Series is equipped with a 1" decelerator pad. We also supply the rings and bases. Our preference is the Weaver Grand Slam Steel Bases and Warne 4 Bolt Steel Rings.

The new X-Series is equipped with our patented 2-Stage Mag-Prime Ignition System. With this improvement over the first X-Series, you may remove the primer without firing the muzzleloader.

This is the most innovative Muzzleloader ever built.

Specifications Caliber Barrel Length Overall Length Weight Order Code Price
X Series 45 28" 50" 9lbs. 10oz. BBX $6,250.00