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  • Remington Bolt Action
  • Shilen Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Harrell’s Custom Muzzle Brake
  • Classic Laminated Stock
  • Trigger Adjusted to 2 ½ Lbs.
  • Double Pillar Bedded
  • Glass Bedded
  • 1” Recoil Pad
  • Mag Prime 2 Stage Breech Plug
  • Warne Rings & Grand Slam Bases

The Bad Bull G Series has the short length and lightweight of the FB Series and the extreme accuracy of the X Series. It is a great hunting muzzleloader.

The 275 grain Parker/BB Bullet is used with IMR 4350 Powder. With this combination, we are producing MOA or less.

If you are a hunter who likes a shorter, lighter muzzleloader with great accuracy capability all the way to 500 yards, this is your muzzleloader.

Specifications Caliber Barrel Length Overall Length Weight Order Code Price
G Series 45 26" 46 3/4" 7lbs. 14oz. BBG $6,250.00