At Bad Bull Muzzleloaders Inc., our first priority is safety. Muzzleloaders are different from modern rifles, because the powder, wad, and bullet must be inserted down the bore by the hunter of shooter. Care must be taken to use the proper components and to load the muzzleloader correctly. Bad Bull includes a video concerning loading procedure and safety with each muzzleloader.
It is imperative that the proper powder and the proper amounts of powder is used in the Bad Bull Muzzleloader. There are only two powders that can be used in the Bad Bull Muzzleloader. We only use IMR4350 in the smokeless powder line. DO NO use any other smokeless powder. Do not use any other brand of 4350 powder. Smokeless powder has different burn rates. If you substituted a smokeless powder with a faster burn rate, you could destroy the muzzleloader and could cause injury or death to the shooter. Also, the powder charge must be kept between 130 grains and 140 grains. Do not go below 130 grains and never exceed 140 grains.
The other powder that can be used is 777pellets. Use these only if you cannot use IMR4350. Maximum load is 4 - 50 gr. Pellets. DO NOT exceed 4 pellets.
Another safety concern is proper loading procedures.

  1. First make sure the muzzleloader is not loaded. Must be empty of charge and primer.
  2. Use proper load of IMR4350 and pour down barrel.
  3. Insert wad on top of powder charge.
  4. Install bullet down the bore and seat it on top of wad. At this point mark the ramrod, each time you reload check this mark. If the mark is higher than your previous loadings, do not attempt to fire the muzzleloader. You have double charged or the bullet in not seated. Either is a dangerous situation. Remove the breech plugs, clean the load out, and start over.
  5. With a muzzleloader, care should be taken when installing the primer. With the bolt action Bad Bulls the muzzle must be pointed up when the primer installed. This makes it safe if you were to have an accidental discharge. With the FB Series, be sure the muzzleloader is pointing in a safe direction before inserting primer.

Special Note:  Should you ever stick a bullet in the bore, NEVER try to dislodge the bullet by firing the muzzleloader. You will seriously damage the muzzleloader and may cause serious injury or death to the shooter.
Muzzleloader hunting and shooting is great fun, but do it safely.

Critical Points:

MAX LOAD:  IMR 4350 - 140gr. DO NOT EXCEED
MIN LOAD:  IMR 4350 - 130gr.  DO NOT LOAD LESS THAN 130gr